In 1992 My son Kyle was born and I realized I had to get a "real job".  So I sold my instruments (much to my deep regret today) and took the next decade off.  But I found that without music in my life I was depressed.  I had to get back into it or I would go nuts.  Since then I haven't stopped and am enjoying it more now than ever.

Although being a bassist for over 40 years, in the past few I have reacquainted myself with the guitar thanks to a birthday gift of a Fender dreadnought from my lovely girlfriend, Hope.  It's opened up song writing possibilities again for me and sparked a new interest in creating my own music.  

Recently, while recording an album with Lunch at the Dump, music producer, musician, and friend Charlie Chamberlain heard some of my original songs and asked if I ever thought about recording my own album or EP.  When the opportunity presented itself to record with him at The Music Co-op Recording Studio in Gilford NH, I decided to take the challenge.  With Charlie producing and playing guitar, myself on bass and vocals, and the help of drummers Kevin Rioux and George Laliotis, we recorded seven original songs.  The sessions were promising, and hopefully the start of many more to come.

 I feel this next chapter will be the most rewarding yet.  I appreciate that people listen and enjoy the music I make.   I'm also pleased to know that my family history in music continues.  My brother Rick sings lead tenor in his local church, my niece Taylor Carrol  is a music teacher in an elementary school, her children soaking up the vibes of great music and learning instruments.  Also I'm meeting cousins that I didn't know I had who have been playing all their lives too... like Boston blues guitarist Bobby Faria, and guitarist Jason Porter of the rock band SixTen Connector,  and seemingly countless other cousins that sing and play instruments.   I have been blessed with great memories, family and friends and I hope to continue to play music for a long time to come.